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Expectations of Budget 2024

Strong and resilient macroeconomy, buoyant tax revenues, budget in an election year, compulsion of energy transition, NEP...

Budget 2024: We need a National Energy Transition Mission.

The new budget is going to be presented in the background of a resilient Indian economy. Given...

Russia’s Ukraine invasion and its economic impact on India

No war is economically beneficial for any country despite sizable strategic gain it may give for the winners. The latest and the unexpected Russian...

A Courageous and Dynamic Budget

There are no two opinions that this years’ budget is slightly different from the format we have been witnessing over the last few decades....

Shady indices and faulty methodologies: the GHI controversy

Can a four-question telephonic survey measure the degree of hunger in a country? If you have a doubt, this is the methodology adopted under...

AI back to the Tatas- relief for the government

The civil aviation industry always has been a turbulent field for the operators. Several entities were born and vanished in the last twenty years....

Worst time, but remarkable design makes this budget beautiful

The Covid-hit economic environment is a nightmare for any Finance Minister to present a budget. Of course, this is one of the worst periods...

Jio – How india joins the US led anti-China digital alliance?

In just three months, Mukesh Ambani’s crony empire - Jio Platforms secured Rs 1.52 lakh crores by selling 33% share in the company to...

Google announces big investment plan for india’s digital economy

World’s digital titan- Google indicated that it is planning to invest Rs 75000 crore or $10 bn india over the next 5-7 years. The...

RBI comes out with out of the box measures on Covid...

One day after the Finance Minister’s Rs 1.7 lakh crore Covid package, the RBI Governor Saktikanta Das came out with a relief package for...

Government unveils Rs 1.7 lakh crore Covid lockdown package

The central government has come out with a Rs 1.7 lakh crore Covid response and lockdown package to insulate the economy and the people...

Pakistan surges as South Asia’s Italy on the Covid front

As the Covid threat getting the real pandemic nature in Europe, a new front is opening in South Asia in the form of Pakistan....

RBI may reintroduce Rs 1000 notes

Now, the ‘star currency’ of the demonetisation event – the Rs 2000 note is about to be phased out-at least for the time being....

Government and RBI position on crypto assets

RBI stand The RBI always argued for banning crypto assets because of the risk they are pausing to the financial system. Cryptos doesn’t have any...

Direct and Indirect Instruments of Monetary Policy

Instruments of monetary policy are the tools with the RBI that can be used to realise its set targets and objectives. The instruments are...

Whether India is a high debt country?

Topic: India's government debt is high according to rating agencies - the country has a low fiscal space. For the government, the Finance Secretary...

Budget 2022-23

Click the following link to download the Budget 2022-23 for UPSC Exam Budget 2022-23 for UPSC

Fisheries Subsidies – 22 -07 -20

Fisherires subsidies - 22 -07-20

Fiscal worries weaken government’s ability to boost the economy

When symptoms for a deep slowdown is increasingly evident, the economy badly need some intervention from the government. The usual fiscal stimulus in the...

Quarterly growth warns deep slowdown knocking on the door

India has registered the fifth successive quarterly GDP growth decline and the lowest growth rate in the past six and a half years. The latest...

Government liberalises FDI norms to bring back growth momentum

The Union Cabinet ratified another economy booster to revive the growth momentum. This time, the FDI norms in sectors including the decisive contract manufacturing...

RBI Assets and Liabilities

RBI's Asset and Liabilities explained in brief. The various components of the RBI's assets including the capital reserve components and Liabilities including currency in...

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