World’s digital titan- Google indicated that it is planning to invest Rs 75000 crore or $10 bn india over the next 5-7 years. The California based tech giant’s Indian origin CEO – Sundar Pichai, indicated Google’s investment plan at the ‘Google for India’ virtual event.

Whatever may be the nature of investment by Google, it will enforce the US based firm’s footprint in India at a time when the Government is pushing out Chinse based digital entities.

Main component of Google’s investment will be tech tie up with local enterprises. Equity based participation from google is expected in development ready digital firms. The most important candidate may be the Reliance owned Jio.

Google revealed that its investment step is based on its expectation on india’s digital economy.

In his interaction, the Pichai highlighted social dimensions of the firms’ future projects that is going to happen under the proposed investment.  But that is going to be a colouring of Google’s plan. Most of the tech firms in recent years project social projects that to avoid concentration of public attention on economic motives.

As per Sundar Pichai’s plan, Google will focus on four key areas of India’s digitisation. These areas include 1) providing affordable access and information to every Indian in their own language, 2) building new products and services relevant to India’s unique needs, 3) empowering businesses for digital transformation, and 4) using Artificial Intelligence for social good in areas like healthcare, education and agriculture.


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