Economy 22 Mar 2017 by Tojo Jose

India slips in HDI Rank but improves score in the HDR 2016

India slips in HDI Rank but improves score in the HDR 2016

India slipped one position to be placed at 131 rank in the just published Human Development Report 2016. Out of the 188 countries ranked, India’s HDI score improved from 0.615 to 0.624 in 2015, though its rank fell. India’s ranking was 130 last year. The country continues to improve its..

Global Economy 20 Mar 2017 by Tojo Jose

Amidst US pressure, G 20 meeting evades wordings against protectionism

G 20 Finance Minister’s meeting concluded at the German spa town of Baden Baden is a break from the past. The meeting witnessed a clash between the resurged US econ

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Global Economy 15 Mar 2017 by Tojo Jose

Fed raises interest rate to accommodate inflation

The US Fed raised its short-term policy rate or the Fed rate by 25 basis points, signaling the continuation of monetary tightening. An explanation accompanied by the rate

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Economy 07 Mar 2017 by Tojo Jose

Government to make new base year for WPI and IIP

The Wholesale Price Index (WPI) and Index of Industrial Production (IIP) are to get new base year from April this year. Central Statistical Office (CSO) which is preparin

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Goverment & RBI 03 Mar 2017 by Tojo Jose

GST’s upper rate may go up to 40%

The Goods and Service Tax Council may raise the upward ceiling of the tax rate to 40% so that certain high rate inviting commodities can be taxed. Effectively, the new ce

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Economy 01 Mar 2017 by Tojo Jose

GDP growth survives demonetisation scare; registers 7 % growth during third quarter

The Central Statistical Organization’s GDP growth estimate indicate that economic growth rate has not affected much during the December ending third quarter. Gross

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External Sector 24 Feb 2017 by Tojo Jose

FDI flows grows by 18%; treaty partners dominate as FDI source for India during 2016

Foreign Direct Investment has registered a smart growth of 18% to reach $46 billion during calendar year 2016. According to the data published by Directorate of Industria

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