External Sector 21 Oct 2016 by Tojo Jose

India and the US reopens the IPR Pandora box

India and the US reopens the IPR Pandora box

India and the US- the fast emerging friends on several fronts continue to differ on IPR issues. In the bilateral Trade Policy Forum meeting held at New Delhi, representatives of the two countries both countries opened new areas of conflicts within the IPR front.  Commerce Minister Nirmala Sith..

Goverment & RBI 19 Oct 2016 by Tojo Jose

States disagrees on GST rates as center tries to retain cess

The crucial second meeting of the GST Council ended a day before its schedule as states put resistance on center’s attempt to introduce cess on certain types of goo

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Goverment & RBI 18 Oct 2016 by Tojo Jose

Government to appoint committees for more credible macro data generation including GDP

The Government is planning to make extra steps to ensure credibility of macro-economic data like the GDP estimation. A big renovation of existing statistical data collect

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Goverment & RBI 17 Oct 2016 by Tojo Jose

GST Council meets tomorrow to decide the crucial tax rate

The GST Council is starting its second meeting tomorrow to confront the most difficult task of fixing the standard GST rate.  Meeting will extend for three days. Fir

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Global Economy 15 Oct 2016 by Tojo Jose

BRICS may raise voice against rising anti-globalization trends in the West

Can BRICS bring back rhythm in its usual attack against West dominated world economic order, especially after considerable conflict at the political level between the two

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Economy 14 Oct 2016 by Tojo Jose

Aadhaar project enters the ‘Challenge drive’ aiming cent percent identification coverage

The UIDAI’s (Unique Identification Authority of India) mega identification programme Aadhaar so far covered 106.69 crore people making it the biggest identification

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Global Economy 13 Oct 2016 by Tojo Jose

Government invites Bimstec members to the BRICS meeting

BRICS’ s Goa edition is expected to reflect the drift between India and China on the latter’s selective protectionism to Pakistan’s sponsorship of terro

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