The financial system and macro entities like governments engage in large volume of transactions and services. For facilitating such transactions, RBI as the central bank has several digital platforms on each front (RTGS, NEFT etc). One such facility is its core banking solution known as e-Kuber.

What is e-kuber?

The e-Kuber is the Core Banking Solution of the RBI which enables each bank to connect their single current account across the country.


  • E-kuber is the core banking solution of the RBI that gives high degree of access to commercial banks and other institutions to their current account with the RBI.
  • e-kuber enables banks access with their current account at anytime, everywhere across the coutnry.
  • The e-kuber is used by the RBI to execute various transactions with banks.
  • Utility of e-kuber is that it is used to conduct exercises like auctioning of government securities.

Banks have current accounts with the RBI for facilitating their day to day functions. Banks can get decentralised access to this account from anywhere-anytime using the e-kuber facility.

Core Banking Solutions (CBS) is a facility or arrangement that helps banks to offer large number of customer-centric services on a 24×7 basis from a single location. The core banking solution can support retail as well as corporate banking activities.

The e-kuber system was implemented in 2012, and it is considered as one of the successful central banks administered Core Banking Systems in the world.

An efficient delivery of central banking services with banks and governments required a well-designed digital network and e-kuber does this job since its launch in 2012.

Governments (centre and states also can use the e-kuber platform to update about the Ways and Means Advances (WMA is temporary loans given by RBI to governments).

RBI’s e-kuber system can be accessed either through INFINET or internet.  INFINET (Indian Financial Network) is a Closed User Group Network for the exclusive use of member banks and financial institutions and is the communication backbone for the National Payments System.

Several financial engagements like the auction of Government securities are done through e-kuber system. Similarly, sovereign gold bonds   are available for subscription at the branches of scheduled commercial banks and designated post offices through RBI’s e-kuber system.


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