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Swiss Voice

The neutral state of Europe sets an example for the rest of the world.

Switzerland shows the fortitude, to oppose the unilateral sanction of USA, EU and Israel over Iran. The Swiss policy of disfavouring any sanctions, by any alliance, outside UNSC, is reasserted here.

Switzerland is not bound by the European Union sanctions, as it is not an EU member. The Swiss president Eveline Widner Schlumpf stated that, they will continue economic engagement with Iran. The National Iranian Oil Company will continue its Swiss office. Bern, had earlier exempted Iranian Central Bank from freezing its assets.

Bern, backing Tehran, comes when Iran is being pictured as a rogue state by most of the western leaders. Switzerland despite being a Neutral state, condone Iran to protect its sovereignty.

“Historical friends of Iran” have been continuously persuading them to bow before the sanctions and to engage in direct talks with Washington. Swiss help comes without any of these conditions.

Iran is suffering a lot due to the brutish sanction politics. Iranian medical field is ailing without proper supply. Its Economy is plunging. Unemployment rate is climbing. In short, a nation is butchered.

India can gain a lot, if it support, an Iran in need. We may have to suffer initially, but eventually it will become a win-win situation.  Iran is the best solution available for India’s energy security. IPI pipeline shall be preferred than TAPI pipeline, since the future of TAPI is at stake (Turkmenistan has inked a similar agreement with China, the security scenario in Afghanistan and Pakistan are deteriorating). But unfortunately India ignores Iran.

Analyst may argue that Switzerland can do so, since they are among the wealthiest in the world. It is true. But they too have risks. For example, the important economic sector of Switzerland is manufacturing. Economy is sustained, not by its meagre population but through exports. It is a landlocked country and they cannot lead an isolationist life. The Swiss need the external market, more than any one.

Undeterred by these risks, if Switzerland has taken the bold step, it is the triumph of their independent foreign policy. The voice may be lone but it is definitely bold.

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