North Korea
The Unchangeable Kims

North Korea disturbs the world again with another nuclear bomb. This time more powerful and more strong, capable to disharmonize the world order. Like his predecessors Kim Jong Un prefer to stay in the old path of roughness. Change in regime had taken place, but not in policies.  In short, North Korea is not ready to change its course and the Korean peninsula finds itself in the baking pot.

The mistake is being repeated. The policy of rogueness and brinkmanship had failed much in the past. The nuclear test of North Korea is actually going to benefit its rivals. Continuous violations of the UN resolutions are quite normal for North Korea and have driven away the world away from them. Previous mistakes were adjustable, not this one. When the nation is facing economic decline and even famine like situation, the price of the misjudgment could be huge.

America has already committed to protect its allies i.e South Korea and Japan. Even N.Korea’s “nominal ally” China, had condemned the tests vehemently. But a military option to bring peace and balance in the region is unlikely to happen. The UNSC would be bringing more powerful embargos and sanctions. Such actions may even wither away the already ailing economy of North Korea.

Considering the harmful effects awaiting North Korea, the action of Kim Jong Un was blind and blunder. He is bound to face disaster. Missile tests and arms race are common between the rivals. But when nuclear proliferation happens without proper wisdom it poses herculean threat to the world. Danger happens when the nukes happen to reach the non state actors like terrorists, who perceive it not as a source of deterrence but destruction and chaos. Already North Korea is handicapped. What if they transfer nukes to terrorists, for not becoming crippled?

North Korea is a nation which was once the part of NPT. It obtained all the benefits by being part of the treaty. The extra bone of North Korea is vowed to be broken by the UNSC. Brinkmanship diplomacy was the major tool of the previous Kims. If the current Kim is following the same course, failure is certain. The tool is blunt and the policy is outdated. Unchangeable Kims shall become an old tale, for a prosperous North Korea and a peaceful Korean peninsula.    

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