India provides a breakthrough commitment at Paris on coal use reduction

India has made its climate support commitment that the country is ready to reduce the use of coal if the West provides finance and technology in renewable energies. The willingness to reduce coal use is a breakthrough at the Paris climatic talk. At present, India coal is the largest energy source for India and it is the leading user of coal.

“We have made it very clear that solar and wind are out first commitment. Hydro, nuclear-all of these non-carbon sources are what we will develop to the largest extend that we can. What cannot be met by these will be met by coal,” Ajay Mathur, negotiator of the country stated at the Paris Conference.

Coal provides nearly two third of India’s electricity supply. Similarly, several ultra mega power projects are on the starting block in India. Coal is a reasonably cheap available energy source for the country. Reducing coal use at a time of rapid development will be a tax that the country will be paying for environment protection.

On the other hand, though renewable energy targets are set at very high, India’s bulk energy needs can’t be met by them.

At the pre-conference interviews Prime Minister Modi indicated that the developed countries who benefited from fossil fuel have a moral responsibility to support environmental protection efforts by the present day developing countries. He demanded technology and monetary support from the advanced countries to develop renewable energies.

Echoing the stand of the PM, Mr.Mathur also made it clear that India looks at an agreement in Paris which “enables” financial support from those nations who have developed on the “backs of cheap energy. They should transfer it to those who have to meet their energy demands with low-carbon or zero-carbon energy.

At the Conference, India indicated about the plan to expand renewable energy production. Mr Mathur revealed that India aims at producing 200 GW of solar and wind energy by 2030.



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