SoftBank makes fresh ‘internet of the things’ investment as it buys ARM Holdings

World’s futuristic investor – Japan’s SoftBank announced $32 bn deal to purchase the UK chip designer ARM Holdings. SoftBank which searches for next big company in the digital world is known for its seed capital in the Chinese behemoth Alibaba.

ARM is at present most sophisticated chip maker for mobile phones and is supplying processors to major mobile phone manufacturers – Apple, Samsung Huawei etc.

SoftBank’s investment in the Cambridge based chipmaker comes when the CEO, Masayoshi Son looking for the emergence of new titans in the digital technology world or in the area of the famed ‘internet of the things’.  This is the first investment by the Japanese investment firm in the semiconductor industry.

Masayoshi’s move comes just at the impact time of Britains’s Brexit miseries. Currency and Stock prices scooped down under the exit verdict impact, but ARM’s share prices rose up and Masa has paid 17% premium for his buy. 


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