Trump preparing action against China on forced technological transfers

US President Trump is going to expected to announce his first trade action against China on violation of US Intellectual Property Rights. Various media reports indicate that Trump directed US Trade Representative Robert Lghtthizer to recommend retaliatory measures against China’s violation of the US Trade Act.  

Trump, known for his economic nationalism, attacked China throughout his campaign for causing big trade deficit for the US economy. But even several months after he took over the charge of administration, Trump has not made a significant step to curtail China. Experts interpret that he was waiting to unearth a credible point to whip China without causing much disturbance to the established international trade laws.

US has been consistently notifying China as a priority watch country which violated US IP laws. Any action on this ground means America may impose higher tariff on imports from China. US Companies gave complaints to the Trade Representative Office that China induces technological transfer on them to do business there.

Both China and the US is exchanging pollical unpleasantries on North Korean. But trade sanctions are believed to be another ball game where China may retaliate with equal venom.


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