Climate supporters reinforces against Trump

The US President’s pull-out statement from Paris deal has created a resurgence of support for the deal from various parts of the world except from Russia.

Unlikely partners on several issues – China and EU agreed a “green alliance” to take over leadership of the global climate agenda at their Brussels meeting. Donald Tusk, the European Council President, said EU and Beijing agreed to accelerate reduce harmful emissions.

China is the world’s largest polluter followed by the US and the EU.

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel who clashed with Mr Trump few weeks ago has made strong commitment towards Paris. “I say to everyone who values the future of our planet: let’s continue together on the path to success, for the sake of Mother Earth.”

At Paris, where 194 countries hard-toiled to reach a path breaking agreement one had a half years back, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated that his country will go “above and beyond” the Paris accord.

He described the agreement as part of “our duty to protect Mother Earth”.

“The Paris agreement is the common heritage of the world. It is a gift that this generation can give,” Mr Modi observed.

His hosting partner – the newly sworn Emmanuel Macron described Mr Trump’s decision a “mistake both for the US and for our planet”.

Back in the US, the Trump administration defended its President.  Mike Pence, the US Vice-President, described that the Pact was ‘very unfair’ on the US economy.

“This is an agreement that puts an enormous burden on American consumers [and] on the American economy while allowing countries like India and China to virtually get off scot-free for a decade or more” Mr Pence spoke to private TV.

Meanwhile Russian President Putin told at St Petersburg that it was wrong to “blame” Mr Trump for the decision.

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