Trump issues executive order for revising the H1 B Visa regime

Going with the promise of ‘Buy American and Hire American’ election propaganda, President Trump issued an executive order asking for the revision of the H 1B Visa programme. The executive order that is largely expected has ordered federal agencies to look at tightening the H-1B visa programme used to bring high-skilled foreign workers to the US.

The H-1B visas are intended for foreign nationals in occupations that generally require higher education, including science, engineering or computer programming.

Supporters of Trump points out that the move will ask administrative wings to stop US jobs going to the foreign hands. Only highly skilled jobs can be filled by the foreigners and the H1B should be modified in this direction.

The US government grants up to 65,000 of these visas each year. They’re open to a broad range of occupations and recipients who can stay in the country for up to six years. Major beneficiaries of the programme were Indian Tech companies who hires from India for the US projects to reduce costs.

“Right now, widespread abuse in our immigration system is allowing American workers of all backgrounds to be replaced by workers brought in from other countries,” Trump said on a visit to the headquarters of Snap-On Inc. a tool manufacturer in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Analysts view that the content of the order is a warning shot to the employers.

Popular perception in the US about the H1B Visa is that it causes job outsourcing. An action or fine tuning of the regulation was expected under the Trump model economic policies.


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