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Indian Economy by Dr. Tojo Jose

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Why this book is advantages for your Civil Services Exam preparation?

If you find that economics is tough for GS, this book has been made simple by adopting several interesting methods like citing the real-world examples, narration of interesting stories, use of mind maps etc. Basics is a must for economics understanding. A special section for developing the basics is added in the LMS.
The book covers almost all aspects for each chapters covered. In that sense, the book is comprehensive. Prelims specific info are added specifically under nearly 400 plus small boxes. Out team made painstaking research to save your time while identifyign exam-centric topics.
Dynamic topics are elaborated to make you strong in the Mains – digital payments system, IPRs, understanding budget are some of these.
The book is supported by an LMS. There are MCQs for each chapter to make your understanding of the topics deep. Besides, the UPSC-mode MCQ test series will help you to compete the exam successfully. 

Indian Economy book by Dr Tojo Jose for UPSC Civil Services Exam

Features of the LMS

The LMS is provided along with this book.

  1. Economy-Base Builder.
  2. Dictionary on Indian Economy.
  3. Chapter specific MCQs.
  4. Abbreviations (Book).
  5. Additional Chapters/Budgets.
  6. Exam Support – MCQ Test Series.
  7. Updates.


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Using this Book…

Dear students…

This book is designed on a dual platform given the requirements of the Civil Services Examination and the nature of the subject.  For each level of the exam, be the prelims, written exam, and the interview, conceptual level understanding with clarity will give you an assured result. Economics is a relatively dynamic as well as a vast subject, and this is the difficulty faced by most students. At the same time, a proper understanding of the concepts and issues at an applied level will help us to understand, remember and analyse the developments easily. This book is designed to help you in this way while preparing for the examination. Throughout this book, boxes are added to provide practical working of the topics.

There are two major tasks related to Indian Economy topics. First is that a minimum level of basics is needed to grasp the topics. Second, the topics are dynamic or changing. In this context, this book is supported by additional and supportive resources incorporated under a Learning Management System (LMS). Nowadays, LMSs are instrumental in enhancing learning outcomes.

While you are using the bok, you can access the seven components in the LMS. The first one is the Economy – Basic Builder, that gives you basics related to Economics. Second, there is Exam Support, where MCQs are provided in test series mode. While using this book, the following tips may help you to use the seven components of the LMS.

  1. Economy Base Builder: This is a window where the basics about the relatively tough chapters/topics are added. Resources are given in the text format initially. Concepts and their explanations and working are provided on topics related to National Income (GDP, GNP etc.), External Sector, Financial Sector and Fiscal Policy (budget, taxation etc.).
  2. Dictionary on Indian Economy: The Dictionary that is attached under the LMS will give you explanations about the various economics-related terminologies.
  3. Chapter-specific MCQs: Doing questions, especially MCQs will help you to master the topic. It will give you the effect of a proper revision. Here, the chapter-specific MCQs are designed simple and are aimed just to make your concept understanding clearer. They don’t have the prelim MCQ type toughness as the purpose is to give you a follow-up exercise.
  4. Abbreviations: Expansion for the abbreviations contained in the book are given in the LMS.
  5. Additional Chapters/Budgets: This link will give you the additional resources needed for exam preparation. It also gives you the relevant government budgets for the exam.
  6. Exam Support: The LMS contains MCQs for the prelims exam. Here, MCQs are given on a test series mode, and they will be updated. The Chapter specific MCQs and the ones that are given here are different.
  7. Updates: Important updates on the topic will be added here.

If you have any queries and suggestions about the LMS, mail to:

Indain Econoy book by Dr. Tojo Jose.

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