One year to his take over, there is no denying that the Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi has gone viral in the diplomatic front. His style of making into the podium along with a large community wherever he goes has made him unique.

Of all his visits, that to China was the most challenging. The relationship between the two countries is not going well amidst border issues. There is no such expatriate crowd as in Madison Square Garden as well.

Chinese official media – the Global Times has fired the first blood reflecting the cold relationship between the two countries. It went on to criticise Mr Modi, trying to set things difficult for the Indian leader.

But Modi carried forward in his one man army style. His exuberance and the ability to make waves in the social media is a trade mark and it belongs to a different school of thought in diplomacy.

The Prime Minister smartly interacts with public in his visiting countries through social media. He takes them along with him, his counter parts have no other option but to join him.

In China, his selfies have put warmth into the environment. All of a sudden, life has put into the entire engagements.

Chinese political leaders are reserved type in the public space; but those like PM Li Kequiang, joined the Modi path. The selfie with Li was something new for the Chinese public and they recognized that the visitor is different from the rest.

Nothing can macth Modi’s decision to give e visas to the Chinese people in terms of good will creation. He urged every Indian expatriate in China to bring at least five Chinese citizen to India.  

At the end of the visit, Modi came out successful in one of the toughest official trips. The Global Times has lauded that Modi has Nixonian pragmatism.  

The past tea seller is the King of digital diplomacy now. He is now the world’s second most followed world leader on Twitter after the US President. His facebook account has over 28 million likes.

Certainly, Modi has produced a different school of thought in diplomacy. Nobody can sideline the style of India’s PM because we are living in an increasingly digitalized world.


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