As India is entering into the election mode, the national political scene is changing with the entry of Narendra Modi.

Last few months witnessed Mr.  Modi slowly constructing his political space. The Gujarat Chief Minister is now officially declared as the Prime Ministerial candidate of the BJP.

The prevailing conditions are very suitable for Mr Modi to launch his brand of political leadership. First of all, the country’s economy is weakening and the UPA has failed to impress the people as an alliance capable of retaining the India growth story. Bold and enduring decisions have eluded them many times.

Matching this is the Gujarat development phenomenon, which helped Mr Modi to come out unhurt from his weak secular image. The corporate and the middle class have shown readiness to forget his political past because of the ‘decisive development leader’ image he carefully developed. Understandably, the business media and the corporate are taking Modi on their shoulders.

Third factor that facilitates Mr Modi’s entry is the UPAs management of its political business. The ruling front has made its Prime Minister weak while controlling the government from outside. When the UPA pursued by weakening the PM, it was strengthening the public desire for a strong leader like Mr Modi.  Indirectly, the UPA provided a political space for the Gujarat Chief Minster in the national arena.

Besides, the ruling front has lost its way and exhausted its energy and time in defending itself in different corruption scandals. Despite having many credible names in the Cabinet, the UPA comes out as a front failed to contain corruption.

Of course the UPA knows that the political and economic environment of the country is conducive for a ‘power packed’ political leader like Mr Modi. He has developed the brand of a powerful leader when his rivals in the UPA seem to be soft and moderate type.

The UPA has not officially launched Rahul Gandhi so far. Tactically, they have to come out with some strategies to cope with Modi’s    ‘powerful leader’ and ‘development man’ image.

As Mr Modi’s chariot crosses the borders of Gujarat, the question is that how he can balance his trademark Hindutva with secularism, to earn more support for the BJP. First of all, his mission is to construct a strong alliance for NDA, convincing the allies his brand of politics.

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