The international outcast Myanmar will now figure in the US foreign policy radar. “Hands of friendship “extended by Barack Obama, if deeply analyzed, reveals that it is a part of the well knit policy of ‘carrot and stick’. The policy is evident even in the usage of the name of the nation. When Obama visited the President Thein Shein, it was used as Myanmar where as with Suu Kyi, it changed to Burma.

The historic break through, thus comes with a lasting commitment as well as with a warning. Warning asks Myanmar to allow free growth of democracy. If Myanmar wants to get a continued support of USA, conditions have to be fulfilled. It is worthy to note that the US president never accepted Myanmar as a democratic country any where in his speech.

The current process of democratisation was referred to as “flickers of Progress”. America called in Myanmar to continue the efforts to reinstate democracy. Myanmar has already set efforts in motion to review prisoner cases and deescalate the recent ethnic conflicts.

American engagement with Myanmar has gained pace. In reality, USA was waiting for a chance to enter Myanmar. Suu Kyi’s release and the changing outfits of the Military Junta created the favourable atmosphere. The road to Burma became hurdle less.

Myanmar is a pivotal location for USA. It offers a checkpoint to contain Chinese expansion in the region. Thus when Obama uses the name Myanmar, it is out of diplomatic need rather than a “diplomatic courtesy”. A swift switching over to friendship mode will tarnish US image. Even though a necessity, they will wait, and will execute in a gradual way, in a unique American style.


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