Internet’s king -Google is all set to become the largest company of the world, pushing tech’s ace performer Apple to the second position. According to the latest report from Google, advertising revenues from the last quarter has enabled Google’s new corporate structure – Alphabet to defeat Apple. 

Sundar Pichai led Alphabet’s yearly revenue is expected to reach $550 bn compared to Apple’s $540. Apple was experiencing steep fall in revenues after hitting saturation in several markets and amidst intense competition from China based smart phone vendors.

Google’s journey into the top slot is remarkable turnaround as it strengthens the idea that future is going to be fast digitalized. It is for the first time after Microsoft became the largest company in 1998 that a digital firm is disrupting the traditional entities.

Google’s futuristic investments – the ‘moonshot’ projects are now getting scale as the company revealed that it has injected $3.6 bn into it last year. Ideas like driverless cars, internet balloons and smart homes are part of the moonshot programme.

If the growth goes like this, Google may sit at the top for a long time as its new projects are continuous to be serious disruptors. Many of its investments in areas like faster data transfer are targeted to exploit new digital horizons where the company is the lead innovator without competition.

Google’s futuristic team is conducting new revenue generation technologies in its secretive research centre know as Google X which lies less than ten kilometers away from its California headquarters.

The research team at Google X is testing out solar-powered drones that use millimeter wave technology to Wifi Internet services that is nearly 40 times faster than current 4G technology.


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