When Dr APJ Abdul Kalam passed away, our country has lost an inspirational visionary, a scientist and a people’s politician. The former President who collapsed and passed away while delivering a speech to the students, was unique and reminds us the exuberant freedom fighters who united the country.

It is not surprising if we get confused about his biggest contribution? He was the President of the country, brought people near to the Rashtrapathy Bhavan. He was the scientist who masterminded the missile programmes. Dr Kalam was a visionary who inspired our young generation with three beautiful books- the Wings of Fire, Ignited Minds and India 2020.

But of all, the biggest contribution is that he was the visionary who ignited the youth of the country.

He was so emulative and accessible to the Indian youth. In colleges and schools the students thronged to ask questions to him, debated with him. India’s young generation got motivation from Kalam’s three beautiful books- the Wings of Fire, Ignited Minds and India 2020.

It is heartwarming to see that the former President travelled from North to South and East to West to engage the youth of the country. His last speech came in the North East. There is perhaps no other popular now who has done this remarkable duty of engaging the future of India with single minded devotion.

He urged the youth to make aim big and the intangible benefits of his inspiration will remain here.


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