In an unprecedented gesture of political courage, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has made a stunning counter attack on the detractors of ‘new reforms’ on a 15 minute long Friday speech to the nation.

         He almost described his detractors as a failed bench. Remembering that twenty-one years ago during the launch of reforms, they were equally hostile and they didn’t succeeded: “they did not succeed then. They will not succeed now.”

         Dr. Singh’s political counter attack though not missed the character of a first class empirical economist, was surprisingly inclusive of discrediting the propaganda of the opponents both inside and outside the UPA.  Cautioning against the people who exploit political opportunities of hard decisions like the fuel price hike and FDI, Dr Singh added: “Please do not be misled by those who want to confuse you by spreading fear and false information”

        He explained the economic compulsions of fuel price rise indicating that if it is not done now, worst will come in future.  “No government likes to impose burdens on the common man.”

Highlighting the plight of the West who can’t even pay their bills now a days, the Dr. Singh remarked “The world is not kind to those who do not tackle their own problems.” He asserted that India will not dip into that situation.

He requested, “trust, understanding and cooperation” of the aam aadmi to bring the economy back on track

                The 15 minute speech has dwarfed the opponents of the new reform measures both inside and outside the UPA. In the speech, Dr Singh appears to be single handedly countering the opponents of reforms on behalf of the UPA as well as the leader of the government.  

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