What is there in the budget for the youth?

The budget gives adequate attention to the youth through different support measures. Education, skill development, health, sports, employment programmes- there is abundant attention for the youth. The major budgetary measures for the youth are mentioned below.

Education: the overall allocation to the Ministry of Human Resources Development has been increased to Rs65867 crores. Similarly, the allocation for SSA has been enhanced to Rs 27258 crores. To support higher secondary education, the allocation has been increased by 25.7%.

Great and pleasant news for the higher education sector is the creation of Nlanda University.

Similarly, scholarships to different weaker sections at the college and higher secondary levels have been budgeted at Rs 5284 crores which show the government’s commitment to continue with inclusive education programme.

Skill development programmes have been emerged at the forefront of the government’s youth support programmes. The ultimate objective of the programme is to raise the employability of the country’s young population. Government’s objective is to provide skill development to 50 million young people under the 12the Five Year Plan. In the present budget, the government has shown maximum effort to support the skill development programme by enhancing the allocation to Rs 1000 crores to the National Skill Development Corporation. The institution is empowered to create the curriculum and standards for providing the various skills.

For the health sector Rs 37330 crores has been provided to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

The government has contextually created the Nirbhaya Fund which aims to enhance safety of girls and women and to empower them. The government has provided Rs 1000 crores for the fund.

Sports: the National Institute of Sports is to be set up at Patiala to encourage sport activities.

To encourage the young people engaged in Science and Technology activities, Rs 200 crore has been allocated. 

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