Government to launch the Food Welfare Plan under NFSA in December

The Government today announced the launch date for the $20 billion or Rs 1.3 lakh mega food welfare programme by December this year.

The Programme was designed by the previous UPA government under the National Food Security Act.

National Food Security Act (NFSA) was passed in 2013 and 29 states intimated participation in the food security programme later.

But the scheme’s launch has missed several deadlines as the states failed to prepare the necessary ground works. Identification of real beneficiaries and status of PDS network for the programme were hurdles mid way.

Finally most states have agreed to implement the NFSA by December, after the latest deadline ends in September,” Ram Vilas Paswan, Union Minister for Food and PDS told reporters after meeting ministers and officials from states.

India’s food security programme that supplies low priced food grains to the poor people is one of the largest subsidized food programme in the world.

Earlier, the government has revealed its intention to introduce direct cash transfer for providing food subsidy. A clear picture on the delivery mode of the subsidies may come only later.


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