Trump’s success shows the changing Western mind

Republican candidate Donad Trump won a historical US election defying most of the predictions. The election is even more important for the rest of the World as it engaged with the increasing divide within the US like the Muslim immigrant issue. The entire election process was engulfed by controversies, religious divisions, ethnic differences and personal attacks.

In the Congress also Republicans got control indicating more comfort for the new President.

Trumps success was shocking for some, surprising for many and is a thoughtful one for Europe. The way in which he used the prevailing global unrest to win US mind will not go unattended by political leaderships in Europe.

Mainstream media and frontline parties have doubted Trumps’ approach in tackling global issues and found the alternative – Hillary as desirable. Belying all these, Donald Trump has won the Presidency and his rookie type approach in dealing with global issues will make his election more interesting. 


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