Trumps pulls out US from Paris Climate Deal

President Trump, who has become a dissident of major global agreements has indicated US withdrawal from the Paris Climate deal. US is world’s leading carbon emitter and also benefitted big from the last phases of carbon led industrialisation.

Making the dealation about the exit from the White House, Mr Trump described the Paris accord as an example of an international deal that hurt the US economy. Trump’s ‘America First’ campaign aims at protecting American workers and the climate deal is against it according to him.

If the US goes ahead with the exit, the 2015 December signed Paris deal, which is aimed to restrict polluting industries for cutting emission has become meaningless. The deal was signed by 195 countries and ratified by 148 among them.

Trump brought out his trade mark language of protectionism while rejecting the deal. “I cannot in good conscience support a deal that punishes the US,”. He argued that implementing the Paris agreement will cost America 2.7m jobs.

“We don’t want other leaders and other countries laughing at us anymore and they won’t be,” Trump elaborated.

Trump who is known for unpredictable stance so far, also hinted a renegotiation of the deal at more favorable terms for the US.  “We’re getting out, but we will start to negotiate, and we will see if we can make a deal that’s fair,”. He added that “If we can, that’s great, and if we can’t, that’s fine.”

Climate enthusiasts and several world leaders criticized Trumps sudden announcement of the exit.


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