Obama Crush down WORMS

Romney’s narrowed support base centered on White, Older, Richer Men have been crushed

While the road was hard, the journey been long, he fought his way back.

“Best is yet to come” — tweets Obama.

                                                          Out of the 538 electoral votes, he won 303, offering a comfortable ride to the Presidential seat. 45% of those who voted are racial minorities, which is a record. College educated voters, urban women, gay rightists, immigration advocates etc. constituted Obama’s support base. Thus Barack Husain Obama, become the first American President, since World War II to win, a second term in office, amid high unemployment and a war stripped economy.

But the reality is that Obama will continue to face challenges of a divided Congress. In the House of Representatives, Republican’s have 232 seats while Democrats have only 191. They fared less at Senate also – with 51 for democrats and 45 for republicans.

The problem was acknowledged by Obama himself as he spoke of “need to build bridges” for bipartisan consensus. If Obama wants to continue his second term of reforms, he needs the support of republicans.

This brings good news for Indian IT sector. Even though Obama pursues vehement opposition towards outsourcing, Republicans favors it. Despite these lone problems, the Best may be yet to come. Indo -US Co-operation has already reached a mature period. Strategically U.S and India has many commonalities like in approach to China, Middle East, Afghanistan, Africa, etc. Even in case of the nuclear deal, Indo – U.S ties are on a higher footing.


A more controlled and cautious Obama will be benefitting not only USA, but also, rest of the world.

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