Kabul witnesses the biggest attack in the diplomatic district

Indicating the rising dominance of various terrorist groups in the entire Afghanistan, capital Kabul has got one of the biggest bomb explosion in recent years, hitting the diplomatic areas. Around 80 persons are reported dead so far and several hundreds injured in the explosion that took place at Zanbaq square, in Kabul’s 10th district, which is a highly secure area near to many government offices and foreign embassies.

The bomb explosion took place 8.25 in the morning. Various embassies situated around the site are assessing the damage level.

Surprisingly, the attackers carried explosives in a truck implying huge quantity and thus raising questions about the security establishments at the diplomatic area.

Reports indicated that the attack took place close to the German Embassy and its building got damages in the attack.

India’s foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj tweeted that Indian officials are safe. Militants supported by Pakistan’s ISI are ultra-active in recent years in the context of rising India-Afghanistan cooperation on various fields.

Afghanistan is witnessing heaviest terrorist attacks with nearly two hundred police men and military persons losing their lives in past couple of months. Though the government led by Ashraf Ghani is able to hang-on it seems that militants influence has risen to the lever reminding that of the Taliban era of early 2000. 


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