Italian referendum announces the reappearance of extreme rightists in Europe

The keenly watched Italian referendum on Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s constitutional reforms was rejected by the people with a shockingly strong ‘no’ of 60 per cent. Mr Renzi designed big reforms through constitutional measures that may add power to the Prime Minister. He sought public ratification through the referendum.

After the failure of the referendum, Mr Renzi is expected to submit resignation soon.

Now the question is how far the Italian referendum and the victory for the rightists may trigger such reactions from other European countries that are approaching elections. Economic struggles under the currency union and the soft immigratnt policies by several states have created new ideas and approaches across the continent. The Italian response will be a case of anxiety for the entire European leadership.

Prime Minister Renzi was brought down by two forces -the Five Star movement that opposes established politicians and the Opponents of immigration to Italy. Second is Mr Matteo Salvini, and his anti-immigrant Northern League.

Northern League is nearly a xenophobic movement that not just opposes the immigration, but also spreads the rightist sentiments.

Its chanting – “Viva Trump, viva Putin, viva la Le Pen e viva la Lega!” comes like a death call for the liberals in Europe who dreams a stronger EU and who welcome immigrants form Middle East and other parts.

The Five Star Movement mixes different ideas to while influencing the people through the leading current issues related to them. It is led by a comedian turned accountant Beppo Grillo who openly supported Donald Trump. The movement’s anti-establishment, environmentalist, anti-globalist and eurosceptic, approach is disturbing for the established line of thinking in Europe.


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