India and China struggling to find a way out from the border tension

China’s attempt to construct a border road at the trijunction with India and Bhutan and the tension out it is going unabated.  Giving a fresh dimension to the border tension, Chinese media seems to be raising popular sentiments through unusual contents.

The tabloid natured Global Times’ most read and most shared articles during the last one week was about the border tension. Similarly, its most tweeted post was the deployment of a new tank in Tibet that according to the Chinese military, is superior to Indian tanks.

Despite the Hong Kong developments where the President is engaged, the media was able to deviate popular attention to the border areas.

Historically, Chinese government have control over each word printed on the media. Articles at the Global Times quotes unnamed strong action urges from the general public on the issue.

On the contrary, the media in India has shown more maturity by bringing down their coverage of the border tension though the popular sentiments go the other way.

According to the military experts, the new border road construction by the Chinese will make India’s North East vulnerable and will open a new advantage position for the Chinese.

India’s call for talk was continuously unattended by the Chinese and Beijing is demanding the withdrawal of Indian defence forces from the border areas. Sources indicate that the current border tension that is entering into the second month can be lessened only by high level political engagements in the coming days. 

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