Alpine Pledge: G7 countries decides to phase out fossil fuels

In a historical decision, the world’s top seven industrialized countries –the G7 has decided to decarbonise their economies. The group has declared a plan to phase out fossil fuel use in phases with a whopping 70 per cent cut by 2050.

This is the first time that an international grouping comes out with a fossil fuel phase out plan at a time when there are rising reports about the appearance of climate change catastrophes from different parts of the world.

G7, the elite club of industrialized countries without Russia, is meeting in the scenic Bavarian Alpine place of Schloss Elmau, Germany. Bavaria, the largest German province is known for Alpine tourism and its annual beer festival.

Host Germany has observed that “deep cuts in global greenhouse gas emissions are required with a decarbonisation of the global economy over the course of this century”. Germany is known for adopting advanced environment protection norms in Europe.

Recent reports from Africa and Asia provided scientific support that climate change is quicker and deeper than previously estimated. Most of the countries affected are poor countries that depend on climate and natural resources for survival. On the other hand, the largest carbon emitters are the industrialized countries and China.

Rising temperature in the tropical areas has already produced serious interests in the next climate conference – the UNFCCC’s COP 21, scheduled to be held in Paris this December.

Climate campaigners expect that the G7 decision will attract more countries and that with legally binding green house gas emission cutting promises in the immediate future.


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