Chinese tabloid urges India to be open to China -Pakistan Economic Corridor through PoK

China’s official tabloid looking mouthpiece – the Global Times in an article advised India to accept the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project for the welfare of the entire region. No third party is aimed in the project and according to the article, it is unfortunate that the CPEC has opened a new area of confrontation between the two countries.

The article seems to be published in the context of External affairs Minister Sushama Swaraj’s protest and India’s concern at the project running through the PoK.

The article without concentrating on the economic content of the CPEC, goes on political lines. Midway through the GT reporter who himself authored the article urges India to join the CPEC: ‘any way in which India to join the task of economic development (by joining the (CPEC) would be welcome’.

Relations between India and China is in strain after Beijing made an ardent campaign to stop India from being a member of the NSG (Nuclear Supplier Group).

The newspaper concentrates more on the Kashmir issue while sparsely mentioning the Chines intent. The writer in a partisan mode says that “…but it is the Kashmir conflict itself, rather than any alleged political intent behind the foreign investment, that creates tension in the region.”

Large section of the Pakistani political leadership views the CPEC as the life-saving drug for the Pakistani economy. The project which runs from the troubled western Chinese province of Xinjiang to Pakistani port city of Gwadar is keenly involved by the Pakistani Military because of terrorist threats.

Last time, the militant attack in the Pakistani city of Quetta was interpreted by the officials in Pakistan as an effort by India to thwart the CPEC.  Almost all domestic issues and India-bound issues are interpreted as efforts to destroy the CPEC.

China is speedily constructing a land route through PoK to dispose goods from Western China through Pakistan so that it can bypass the lengthy sea route through the Indian Ocean. Several power projects are already completed and rail and road networks are under construction including through the bordering Karakoram region of PoK. 

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