Chinese phone companies’ growth induces Aplle to assemble iPhone in India

Just two year after its India entry, Chinese mobile phone manufacturer- Xiomi has achieved Rs 7000 crore sales. Another Chinese firm Huawie has reached Rs 10000 crore and several other smaller Chinese firms are also well performing compared to their achievements back at home.

Apple, the leader in the global market is here for a long time and its sale is stagnating at around Rs 10000 crore. Xiomi’s silent but rapid march shows that it has the price attraction and product quality that can win Indian hearts.

India is world’s fastest growing mobile phone market and is growing at smart pace. Apple’s problems lie in its products as it has no product to compete in India’s huge volume, price-sensitive market.

Starting an assembling line is the new strategy from the US company to overcome its growth hurdle. Apple’s manufacturing partner Wistron will be assembling iPhone from Bengaluru. Indications are that at Bengaluru, only iPhones for the Indian markets will be assembled.

Though there is no indication about a low-priced Indian version of an iPhone, Apple may think for it; as a single assembling facility is useful to produce pan India phones.

Apple’s India assembling center and the Chinese phone makers’ reply to it will see some interesting games in India’s big and growing market. Still, India continues to be the largest market where there is no substantial presence of local manufactures. 

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