India’s GDP growth performance in the last two quarters should reach a seemingly high 7% in the current fiscal to reach a downwardly revised 6.5% according to the CSO. Even if that fate is achieved, the economy in 2017-18 is going to witness the lowest growth rate since 2013-14.

According to the CSO, GDP growth may come down to 6.5% for 2017-18 in contrast to the last year’s growth of 7.1%.

In 2013-14, the growth rate was 6.4% and the revised estimate for the current fiscal where three quarters are already completed is just above that figure at 6.5%.

As per the published data, the economy registered a 6% growth in the first two quarters. Third quarter figure are to be published. But realizing 6.5% for the year when two quarters registered just 6% means in the final two quarters, the GDP growth should reach 7%.


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