Banana Republic
Why India is not a banana republic?

If you were observing corruptions and controversies in the country during the last one decade, it is visible that they were borne out of the unholy alliances between politicians and the business people.

                At the midst of one such development, Robert Vadra, has described the country as a banana republic. Mr Vadra’s comment should e taken as just a trademark of ignorance of the class of his kind. But the phrase he used at the public domain leaves a mark indeed.

                The term banana republic is unquestionably denotes for a too much agrarian oriented country depending on  income from the export of only one agricultural commodity (for example banana) for its well being. If some disease occurs for banana, the country’s GDP falls.

                Mr. Vadra and the like minded politico-bisiness people who invaded the public space because of their muscle power should understand that their petty education and knowledge are not enough to understand their homeland.

                If India was such a small agricultural oriented country how it could create the entrepreneurs like the producers of hero, who once was the largest producers of bicycle now became the largest producers of bikes? Even Honda, the technology providers to Hero are facing tremendous competition from Hero. Who can forget Ranbaxy, the Sardarjee’s answer to the big pharma MNCs? How beautifully the Tatas have renovated the Jaguar and Land Rover?

                Mr Vadra should understand the way in which Sunil Mittal and his Bharti has withstood competition from global telecom majors with a new model of business outsourcing.  Of course there are many other instances which prove Indian enterprise and the diversity of the country. All these were happened with indigenous private initiative unlike in the case of China.

                 If Mr Vadra feels India as a banana republic, it would be because of the ignorance of the people of his own creed and not because of anything else.

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