Microsoft buys LinkedIn to reinvent through social networking

Software’s pioneer entity – Microsoft is buying professional networking firm LinkedIn to boost its business. In a major acquisition move, Microsoft has offered $26.2 bn to LinkedIn which means the Seattle based operating system specialist is paying a golden premium of nearly 50%.

The deal is the biggest acquisition for Microsoft which is thinking about new ways to expand sales and to grow in the digital world.

Few years back, Facebook acquired Whatsapp for $19 bn signaling intense competition in the networld.

Microsoft was trying constant experiments during the last few years by coming out of its traditional software tag. Acquisition of Nokia and some small companies indicated the company’s doubt in continuing just as a software firm when chances are high for new unimaginable benefits if presence in multiple sectors are made.  Google’s artificial intelligence and FB’s venture into publishing all convinced top executives to redesign its working model.

Chief executive Satya Nadella unveiled a plan to ‘reinvent’ the company through spreading its wings. The company’s cloud business and the Office 365 need more sales push especially among professionals. LinkedIn will give this sales momentum.


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