Google unearths unprecedental revenues from the networld

Web world wizard, google has reported an unexpectedly high level of revenue in 2012. Google’s earnings of US$ 50 billion is the first instance for successful revenue mobilisation from the internet based digital world. Majority of the SanFrancisco based firm’s revenue comes from  internet advertising. The trend in Google’s revenue shows that advertising is slowly penetrating into the internet world, partly away from the print and media.

In the last three quarteres of 2012, google has achieved an ad revenue of US$10.58 billion or around 3 lakh crores Rupees. Increasing use of smartphone in the US has facilitated the company’s ad revenue. But internet ad trackers reveal that Google dominates the industry in the US as around 40% of the ad revenue in the US has been garnered by Google.

Google is now trying to diversify its activities by ventruring into the smartephone industry. It has recently acquired the Motorola Mobility to step into a market where there is intense competition between Samsung and Apple. Google’s expectation is that the Android platform can be used as a launhe pad for its smart phone consolidation.  The internet giant’s plan to come out of the virtual world to the electronics world may trigger another phase of intense competition in the fastly changing industry. 

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