F1 Race
F1 Race - a litmus test for patience?

Gone is the era when sports were for entertainment. F1 race may be re writing the history.

Ferrari will display Italian navy’s flag on its cars during the Indian grand prix. The move is to offer support for the Italian naval guards held in Kerala for the killing of two innocent Indian fishermen.

Despite New Delhi’s unhappiness, Italian Foreign minister “complimented” the Ferrari for expressing solidarity for their “innocent” navy men.

“It is the Indians who died. It is their fate. We are the Italians. Who are the Indians to punish us?” Says the old grizzled western mindset. It could be understood.

But here is the avant-garde team Ferrari enunciating solidarity for the Italian killers. When that Ferrari, takes part in a sport, held in Indian soil, it is the feeling of the Indians that are hurt.

Remember it is a case under the consideration of the Supreme Court of India. Italian foreign minister Giulio Terzi even went to the extent of saying that, he was astounded by the Dithering of Indian Judiciary.

If Team Ferrari is allowed to participate in the race, it shall be seen as a gesture of Indian tolerance. Indian diplomatic channels are tested for their patience. Hence it is the Italian turn to respect India’s public institutions and to avoid such sparkly moves.

Please Italy, avoid unnecessary rows, it is for your own benefit.

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