Digital Giant

After fcaing regulatory issue for its market activities in Europe, internet giant Google is now coming under scanner in India also.

The Competition Commission of India, which is the fair trade watchdog in the country, has ordered four enquiries after complaints from different private entities.  The complaints are on for abuse of dominant position by the US Company in India.

Details about the enquiries are made in the Parliament by Minister Arun Jaitely.

Google has acquired the status of digital titan and developed many new routes to penetrate into the ‘real’ world. California’s Mountainview based net giant’s net platform is a big commercial world in incubation.

So far, governments elsewhere are not fascinated by the Google’s towering digital monopoly status. On the other side, Google has also ventured new models for crating revenues by consolidating its digital power.

Domination of the digital world by the US tech companies like facebook and Google has created a sense of resentment from governments in other countries especially in Europe.  Britain, last year has introduced a new tax called Google Tax aiming at profit shifting by companies; though the infamous tax has not much connection with Google.

Recently, EU’s digital commissioner, Günther Oettinger, has urged for European digital companies to check the growth of US tech firms.  Europe feel that U.S. technology companies are powerful and will become more powerful in future to create unchallenging influence on many spheres like copyrights, privacy, tax issues etc.

The CCI enquiry remains a much low profile issue as the government doesn’t like to take part in a tussle that is going on between the Americans and the Europeans. At the same time it believes that checking monopoly activities are to be well tailored to block the digital giant’s excesses. 

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