Delhi case verdict: Let the maximum punishment brings maximum prevention

The Delhi court has found that the rape and murder of the 23 year old Psychiatry student was a rarest of the rare cases and has awarded death penalty to the four people involved under it. The death penalty to the four is the biggest death sentence awarded in a single case in recent decades.

The verdict comes amidst strong demand for maximum punishment to the culprits as well as to eliminate such incidents in future.

An important side o the case was that it got global attention and the world was watching how India collectively- the judiciary, political system and the civil society -is able to handle the entire issue in bringing maximum protection to its women in future.

Similarly, the case was curiously watched as how India is able to balance attempts to abolish death penalty with giving deserving punishment to the people who commits heinous crime against women.

Interestingly, the international community which curiously observes India’s lonely transition in the region as a democracy and a society has agreed with the maximum punishment given to the culprits.

But the verdict is not an answer to the problems faced by the women of the country.

 Here is an opportunity for the social mindset to change in treating women.  The loss of life of the Delhi girl gets value only if some restructuring happens in the social mindset in eliminating crime against women at every instance.

A major change is needed from the law enforcement wing-the Police to take stern action in rape cases. Many women related cases are not taken by the Police fearing it may turn as instances of their own fault. The casual approach of the Police indirectly helps the antisocial elements to take more risk while targeting women.

The Delhi police itself is mockingly investing their effort and time in fame rewarding ventures like the IPL match fixing. It is reported that the Delhi police was initially hesitant to charge sheet on the incident.   They have brought the national capital a bad name to it as Delhi is often described by many foreign media as the rape capital of the world. Now, the police should concentrate in protecting the dignity of its women. Such ventures will have more social value than going after silly match fixers.

Similarly, the social mindset of India should face some questions bravely and should find right answers for them with equal courage. In many cases, the culprits take opportunity when a girl is found along with her boy friend. Here, the police and even the society take unethical step to blame the victim rather than condemning the culprits. Their interpretation often leads to a conclusion that the culprits were tempted to do so in such circumstances. Such ethics preachers indirectly encourage the antisocial elements in the society. They should be consistent in their opinion if something bad happens to their daughters.

The verdict is a welcome point in protecting the women. Simultaneously, equal follow up measures should be made by the society and the police to stop the occurrence of such incidents. 

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