Niti Aayog’s meeting reopens more roles for states in the Land Bill

Nearly half of the State Chief Ministers have not attended the Second General Council meeting of the Niti Aayog convened mainly to discuss the land bill. Later, government sources have indicated that consensus on the bill will be sought including accommodating the provisions of flexibility suggested by many states.

The Governing Council, which comprises all Chief Ministers and Lt Governors of Union Territories, is headed by Prime Minister. It is the top authority of the Niti. First Meeting of the Governing Council of Niti Aayog was held on 8th Feb, 2015, after it was established on first January, 2015.

The Chief Ministers that not attended the meeting includes the Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

In the meeting, there was an insistence for more flexibility in the bill or to allow states to create their own laws, led by Maharashtra. A major perception of many states is that the present bill is highly centralized.

In his Presidential address to the General Council that was limited to sixteen CMs, Prime Minister Modi has said that political deadlock on the matter is seriously affecting rural development.

The boycott participation by Non Congress and Non BJP ruled state Chief Ministers may compel the centre to come out with fresh changes that may allow more role to the states.


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