Administrators – Don’t Cry

Dear administrators, Delhi’s spontaneous outrage at the inhuman activity were not a political demonstration, please. During the last two weeks, Delhi was not alone. People all over India could not reach Delhi; but they have sent their heart along with the protestors. The purpose of the protest was not to steal power from you, but to remind you the responsibilities.

            Politicians may be familiar with two types of demonstrations- to grasp power or to retain it. The protestors which include school and college students were not Maoists, nor were they all people of any political party. Politicizing the Delhi protest is an injustice of another variety.

            On tackling the issue, the Government itself has made a serious mistake by not understanding the sensitiveness of it. It never made a sincere attempt to condemn the activity of the criminals. Like a machine, it remained heartless when the whole country was engulfed with shock. The administrators were rusty, too old to understand the expressions of a moving society and a young generation.

            Their silence has made the protestors to turn against them. Silence, during these circumstances is a big fault from responsible administrators. Searching continuously for involvement of political support on these protests is a foolish act. Had the Prime Minister taken part in the social response, Delhi and India would have been consoled.

            Responsible people in the government searched whether the issue is as big as it required the formal response suiting to the protocol. No parents who have daughters may accept the artificial statement of the PM, which came too late.

            The society is changing; generations are evolving and hence management the democracy need different skills. Our administrators, it seems that too old to understand all these. They think only politically by remaining in their own shell.

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