UIDAI demands Aadhaar ID encrypted chips in smartphones

The next phase of government service delivery and Aadhaar based identification platforms are going to be mandatory for every smartphone sold in India. In a fresh at the same time, expected move, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) told smart phone manufactures to make their phones Aadhaar enabled.

A meeting of the CEOs of the smart phone manufactures was convened on Wednesday by the UIDAI for this purpose. Senior executives of Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Micromax and software developer in the field iSPIRIT have participated in the meeting.

The UIDAI plans to instruct smart phone manufactures to insert Aadhaar enabled chips. Once such a step is made, the smartphone will be automatically connected to the Aadhaar platform. But several manufactures have raised privacy questions as such a facility may led to information leakage.

Once smartphones are Aadhaar enabled, it becomes a game changer in money transfer and ecommerce through the newly launched Unified Payment Interface launched by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

The UPI seeks to make money transfers easy, quick and hassle free.

Several Aadhaar based payment platforms based upon user id are already deployed by the National Payment Corporation of India. Direct Benefit Transfer is built on the Aadhaar deification and is providing the backbone of the nationwide transfers from eh government to the public. 


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