India to become the second largest internet using market by 2020: NASSCOM

Software promotional organization Nasscom predicts that India is going to be the second largest internet using country after China in three years from now. The prediction is for 2020, when the country’s internet users will reach 750 million. As on 2015, there are around 350 mn internet users in the county.

The two times increase in the internet using population will be supported by rural penetration. Nearly 75% of the new internet users will come from rural areas where 68% of the country’s population resides.

The report titled ‘The Future of Internet in India’ was published by NASSCOM along with Akamai Technologies.

At present, China is having the largest population in the world with 668 mn internet users.

Digital transformation of an economy is decided by the number of internet users. World Economic Forum has brought a report last year that shows the high correlation between size of internet users and the growth of the digital economy.



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