India is the next Silicon Valley

PM Modi has inaugurated a game changer initiative – the Digital India, which aims to transform and unite India in the digital world by opening a vast area of social and economic opportunities for the people. While inaugurating the ambitious initiative, the PM asked entrepreneurs to create companies like Google. “If Indians can work in Google, why can’t Google be made in India?”- He urged by highlighting he renowned IT skills of the Indian people.

The Prime Minister observed that ‘For a country with so many IT companies and professionals, electronic goods should not be imported.’

The multifaceted Digital India programme was inaugurated at a ceremony attended by major business tycoons in Delhi. The programme aims to digitally link India’s 250000 villages by 2019. Government believes that Digital India initiative will transform the Indian population by opening vast opportunities.

Social development initiatives, improvement in governance, providing e education and the revolution of data traffic in the rural and semi urban areas – all are objectives of the programme that will take many years to complete.

In his 27 minute speech, Mr Modi has elaborated the endless opportunities of the programme extending from governance to education. “I dream of a Digital India where high-speed digital highways unite the nation….I dream of a Digital India where 1.2 billion connected Indians drive innovation…I dream of a Digital India where government is open and governance is transparent…I dream of a Digital India where technology ensures government is incorruptible…I dream of a Digital India where rural economy has access to e-healthcare… I dream of a Digital India where world looks to India for the next big idea,” – he intimated the vision about the programme.

Prime Minister reminded importance of the digital revolution by citing how kids are growing by using electronic devices like mobile phones. “Earlier, a child used to playfully wrench your reading glasses”, he said, “Today, he reaches for your phone. We need to understand this change or the world will pass us by.”

The Department of Electronics and IT (DeitY), has launched a ‘Digital India Week’ on Wednesday to attract investments on the digitalization drive. Officials from the Department revealed that they expect nearly 2 lakh crore investment to support as well as utilize the opportunities of the Digital India initiative.

Pan India 4G license holder – Reliance Jio’s Mukesh Ambani promised that his company will roll-out wireless broadband network across all states. Reliance has also promised to invest Rs 2.5 lakh crore across Digital India pillars.


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