India is now an electricity surplus country -says CEC Report

For the first time in history, India is going to experience power surplus as per the Central Electricity Commission report. The CEC’s Load Generation Balance Report 2016-17 says that the country is likely to experience the energy surplus of 1.1% and peak surplus of 3.1%.

According to the report, almost half of the states would be either surplus or balanced, and the remaining states would face both peaking and energy shortages in varying degrees during 2016-17.

In the case of deficit states, the real shortage depends upon its drawings from other states. Electricity transmission infrastructure has gone up during the last year with the commissioning of 28,114 circuit-km of transmission lines in 2015-16.

Surplus energy is anticipated of the order of 3.3% and 6.9% in the Southern and Western Regions respectively. Northern, Eastern and North-Eastern regions are likely to face energy shortage of 1.8%, 10.3% and 8.3% respectively.

The report also considers renewable energy production while estimating total energy production. 


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